The Reinbolt Research Group is part of The University of Tennessee's Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering Department. We collaborate with researchers in many other groups using engineering tools, including forward dynamics, optimization, and control theory, to investigate the biomechanical causes of movement.


The University of Tennessee

Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering

Center for Musculoskeletal Research

Optimization Lab

Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies

Graduate School of Medicine (Health Science Center)

Spatial and Binaural Hearing Laboratory (Health Science Center)

School of Music


Other (top)

Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory, Stanford University

NIH Center for Physics-Based Simulation of Biological Structures, Stanford University

NIH National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research, Stanford University

Tissue Mechanics Working Group, Multiscale Modeling Initiative, NIH Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group

International Society of Biomechanics Technical Group on Computer Simulation

Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory, University of Delaware

Musculoskeletal Analysis Laboratory, University of Memphis

Biomechanics & Assistive Technology Laboratory, Vanderbilt University

College of Health Sciences, University of Kentucky

Sports Biomechanics and Motor Control Research Group, Loughborough University

Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health, University of Western Australia

Veterinary Basic Sciences, Royal Veterinary College, University of London

School of Medical Science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

Human Performance & Movement Analysis Laboratory, Kessler Foundation Reseaarch Center

School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Griffith University

Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland

Sports Biomechanics Laboratory, The Ohio State University

Bioengineering Group, Spanish National Research Council

Health Science and Research, Medical University of South Carolina

Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory, University of Texas, Austin

Developmental Motor & Cognition Laboratory, University of Texas, Austin

Northrop Grumman Corporation subsidiary Remotec, Inc

BioMechatronics and BioRobotics Laboratory, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University

Human Movement Biomechanics Research Group, KU Leuven

Rehabilitation Science, George Mason University

HRL Laboratories, LLC

Honda Research Institute USA

Oak Ridge National Laboratory