Tyrannosaurus Rex


Pose Optimization

Optimization of the limb at midstance was used to determine which pose maximized center of mass acceleration.


Muscle-Actuated Human (top)


Crouch Gait

A series of optimizations were used to determine whether crouched postures provided unrecognized benefits by increasing the capacity of muscles to generate ground reaction forces.

Stiff-Knee Gait

Simulated rectus femoris transfer surgeries were used to determine mechanisms of improved knee flexion and the importance of preswing muscle activity.


Torque-Actuated Human (top)


Knee Osteoarthritis

Optimization calibrated patient-specific models to predetermine the effect of post-treatment outcomes.

Inverse Dynamics

Monte Carlo analyses were used to determine whether patient-specific joint and inertial parameters are necessary for accurate joint torque calculations.

Patient-Specific Modeling

Optimization was used to evaluate whether patient-specific models can be calibrated accurately from noisy kinematic data.


Support-Surface Translation(top)


Posture Control

Support-surface translation to evaluate postural response and CoM displacement.