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1. Overview

2. Rectilinear Motion

3. Curvilinear Motion

4. Normal, Tangential

5. Polar Coordinates

6. Space Motion

7. Relative Motion

8. Constrained Motion

9. Rotation

10. Absolute Motion

11. Relative Velocity

12. Instant Center

13. Relative Acceleration

14. Rotating Axes I

15. Rotating Axes II

16. Kinematics Review I

17. Kinematics Review II

18. Newton's 2nd Law

19. Equations of Motion

20. Rectilinear Motion

21. Curvilinear Motion

22. Gen. Eqs. of Mot. I

23. Gen. Eqs. of Mot. II

24. Fixed-Axis Rotation

25. Gen. Plane Motion I

26. Gen. Plane Motion II

27. Linear Imp. & Mom.

28. Angular Imp. & Mom.

29. Imp.-Mom. Systems

30. Imp.-Mom. Problems

31. Imp.-Mom. Bodies I

32. Kinetics Review I

33. Imp.-Mom. Bodies II

34. Kinetics Review II

35. Work & Energy

36. Potential Energy

37. Work-Energy I

38. Work-Energy II

39. Final Review



Rectilinear Motion

Curvilinear Motion

Normal, Tangential

Polar Coordinates

Space Motion

Relative Motion

Constrained Motion


Absolute Motion

Relative Velocity

Instant Center

Relative Acceleration

Rotating Axes

Newton's 2nd Law

Equations of Motion

Rectilinear Motion

Curvilinear Motion

Rigid-Body Translation

Fixed-Axis Rotation

Gen. Plane Motion

Linear Imp. & Mom.

Angular Imp. & Mom.

Imp.-Mom. Systems

Imp.-Mom. Bodies

Work & Energy

Potential Energy

Work-Energy Systems

Work-Energy Bodies








ME 231 ~ Dynamics



The goal of ME 231 is to teach the fundamental concepts of rigid body kinematics and dynamics with an emphasis on the modeling, analysis, and simulation of how forces produce motion of rigid body systems.


Instructor (top)

Jeff Reinbolt
Office hours: 11:15 AM - 12:05 PM MWF
Dougherty Engineering Building, Room 207


Teaching Assistant (top)

Misagh Mansouri
Dougherty Engineering Building, Room 203


Meeting Time and Place (top)

10:10 AM - 11:00 AM MWF
Min Kao Building, Room 524


Required Textbook (top)

Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, 2nd ed., Gray, Costanzo, Plesha, 2012. ISBN: 978-0073380308


The Honor Statement (top)

The University of Tennessee is proud of its students' commitment to academic integrity and their pledge to abide by The Honor Statement found in Hilltopics 2009-2010:

"An essential feature of the University of Tennessee is a commitment to maintaining an atmosphere of intellectual integrity and academic honesty. As a student of the university, I pledge that I will neither knowingly give nor receive any inappropriate assistance in academic work, thus affirming my own personal commitment to honor and integrity."

All students admitted to the University of Tennessee have signed and dated a pledge acknowledging their affirmation of academic honesty committing themselves to be honest in all academic work and understanding that failure to comply with this commitment will result in disciplinary action.


Catalog Description(top)

231 Dynamics (3) Kinematics of rigid bodies, center of mass, and kinetics of systems of particles. Mass moments of inertia. Kinetics of rigid bodies. Newton’s laws, work-energy, and impulse-momentum.
(RE) Prerequisite(s): 202 and Engineering Fundamentals 152.